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The most popular tourist shopping in Thailand

People have different tastes, styles, and preferences, but there seems to be certain things that appeal to the majority of foreign shoppers who come to Thailand. In areas where there are a lot of tourists, there usually are street vendors selling items that are popular among visitors T–Shirts, sarongs, Muay Thai shorts, fisherman pants, and dodgy offerings that are best left un-touched.

Some tourists even come to Thailand with an almost empty suitcase and buy new clothes here because they are not only inexpensive but also of good quality. Be sure to leave some space for the arts and crafts of Thailand, as well as the tasty snacks to share with friends and family back home.



Thai ceramics are ranked among the finest in the world, and have a long history with wares excavated at the archaeological site of Ban Chiang Many Thai people still use ceramics and clay pottery in their daily life , which is why a large number of beautiful items are available throughout the country.

One of the most famous crafts is benjarong ceramics, which refers to multi-coloured enamel on a white porcelain base. Formerly, it was used exclusively in the Royal Court and for religious places, but today, it is now used by the ordinary people who appreciate its graceful beauty



Thailand is home to rich and diverse cultural heritage, and it's got plenty to show for it. There are many antiques and antique-inspired items available at many markets and shops around the country The genuine antiques are both rare and expensive, and some are illegal to buy A safer and more reasonable choice is to buy modern reproductions of the original pieces, crafted with skillful hands.

Paintings and handicrafts are internationally acclaimed. Thailand can preserve its long-standing reputation as a place where the human hand can make exquisite crafts, such as nielloware, lacquer ware , and textiles. They are generally reasonably priced, but more sophisticated ones, which are considered luxury items are worth what they cost



Thai ceramics are ranked among the finest in the world, and have a long history with wares excavated at the archaeological site of Ban Chiang Many Thai people still use ceramics and clay pottery in their daily life , which is why a large number of beautiful items are available throughout the country.

While you're here, it's a good idea to check out Thai designers' brands, which are now very popular in Thailand and in Southeast Asia. Most of the luxury malls have a dedicated Thai designers' zone where you can explore the Thai talent Some of the leading Thai brands include Asava. Stretsis, Issue, Vickteerut, and Milin.

Tailoring in Thailand is also renowned for good prices and good quality. Most tailor stores offer quick services for those who are here for only a short period of time.



Thai furniture comes in a vast range of designs and prices. From meticulously carved antique teakwood furniture to minimal. Modern pieces, everything can be found here. Here, you can find exquisite wooden furniture and decorative items, as well as quirky ones to brighten up your home.

Over the recent years,  Colorful garden ornaments have become increasingly popular These little clay dolls can add fun to any corner of the home,  and make great souvenirs For fragile matters,  make sure you ask your vendor for a wrapping service,  usually available free of charge.



Gemstones are closely linked to Thai culture, and Thai gems and jewelry have long been renowned for their beauty. Thailand is regarded as one of the top gem-cutting centres of the world

While there are many shops selling excellent jewelry not all of them are reliable. The best way to make sure you are buying a genuine item is to ask for a certificate of authenticity with a laboratory report issued by authorized gemologists from the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) or the Asian Institute of Gemological Science(AIGS) It is better to buy from a reliable source such as, the jewelry Trade Centre on Silom Road where most sellers are reliable and have been in t business for decadesa



Home décor is a fast expanding industry in Thailand, thanks mushrooming condominiums in major cities. As result, Home décor items have evolved along with the industry. Here, you can find design you could ever think of-modern vintage, Traditional, romantic, pop art, and beyond.

An emergence of local product design brands has helped propel growth of contemporary design movements.  In addition to decorative items, home fragrance is also a popular choice among tourists Thailand is home to many world-famous home fragrance brands; such as. Vuudh, Panpuri, and Erb most of which have stores at leading shopping malls MY SHOPPING.



While you're already in spa paradise why not take home a little piece of heaven. Spa products in Thailand are loved around the world, and ma airlines have chosen their products to pamper their passengers on board.

Essential oils, organic soaps, and even bespoken perfumes are of top-notch quality. Bigger spas, such as ones at major hotels, have their own signature products, which are usually available for purchase. If you don't have time to visit a spa, you should be able to find spa product counters at big department stores.



Thai silk is regarded to be among the best in the world, but other textiles can be just as impressive, such as, cotton. Over recent years, Thai designers have become increasingly interested in using Thai textiles in their contemporary design, spurring the popularity of Thai textiles.

Thai textiles come in various choices. You can buy exquisite mudmee silk, hand-woven cotton, or the versatile pha khao ma To Combine shopping with learning, visit cotton on silk villages in the North and Northeastern regions of the country, to see how the textiles are made MY THAILAND SHOPPING GUIDE



Thailand has a large number of designers who have made it big in the international fashion industry. There are also a few annual fashion events that attract global visitors media, buyers, and fashion lovers in general

In October, there is Elle Fashion Week, which showcases the Autumn/Winter collection of a selection of Thai brands. But if you miss the shows, you can still get your fashion fix at the Thai designers zone at Siam Centre Siam Paragon, Central World. Thai Thai zone between Central Chidlom and Central Embassy, and Qurator at The Em Quartier.



Thai food brings such pride to Thai people It is often touted as the most delicious cuisine in the world, with its full and we l-rounded flavor’s, fresh ingredients, and diversity.  However, Thai restaurants outside Thailand sometimes adjust the flavors to meet the local preference.  Now that you're in the Land of Smiles, it's time to try the original recipes.

 You can also take home the delectable delights From Northeastern style sausage to durian chips, many of them can be taken home with you hassle-free.  Popular food that you can take home includes chili paste, dried seafood, dehydrated fruits,  and processed meat.