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Less than two hours from Bangkok, Khao Yai is close enough for a day excursion and far enough for a mountain retreat. Naturalists, conservationists, culturalists, escapists, and extremists can all find what they are looking for in this national park and its surroundings formed by a range of eight mountain peaks and their rolling foot-hills, alternating between grassy prairies and dense forests.

It’s unbelievable how easily and quickly you can get away from Bangkok and be in the middle of verdant undulating terrain, where the timber grows tall, the produce ripens, the pace is slow and the sounds are a symphony of bird calls, roars of wildlife, and the visitors’ laughter, oohs and ahs


Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai was declared the Kingdom’s first national park in 1962. Covering more than two thousand square kilometers of tropical for ests, grassy hill-slopes and mountain stream valleys, this densely wooded mountainous area had previously been inhabited only by  sturdy villagers and staunch rebels, and in the first place by abundant wildlife. Since it was opened to the public, local and foreign tourists and Bangkok weekenders flock in fast growing numbers to delight in a safari drive through the nature reserve, camp in the clod ‘winter’ air, or hike on some of its nature trails, to enjoy beautiful waterfalls and viewpoints and in the hope to see some of its local fauna.

The combined Khao Yai-Tub Lan-dong Phaya Ten nature reserves have been declared a World Natural Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Khao Yai National Park, a mere 200 km away from Bangkok, is the most visited nature reserve and the easiest to access from the capital. After entering from the Pak Chong gate and climbing rather steeply through ever green tropical jungle, one reaches the Visitor Centre, where maps and information on the park can be obtained and a trekking guide or a night safari can be booked. Apart from driving through the magnificent forest and grassland landscapes, enjoying enchanting waterfalls and trekking on nature trails, camping, biking and bird – or game watching are the principal activities in the park.

Two stunning waterfalls are the main at tractions of Khao Yai National Park.

Heaw Suwat Waterfall is the easiest to reach by car, as it lies just besides the parking lot at the dead end of one of the two asphalt roads. The waterfall is not very high (20m) but particularly scenic and popular. The water plunges from a forested cliff into a large green pool. The waterfall is naturally framed by huge tree branches, abundant and ever-wet foliage, and glittering boulders, which make it very photogenic.

Haew Narok is the second best known waterfall of the park. It is located in the southern part, on the way to the Prachin Buri entrances gate. There are a dozen or so more waterfalls in the park, but they require longer and guided treks to get to.

Driving up towards the Visitors Centre from the Pak Chong entrance gate a first obligatory stop is at the viewpoint on km30. From here, view over forested mountains reaches up to the green, habited valley in a far and misty distance. Another remarkable view point is Pa Diew Dai, on top of the Khao Khiao Mountain. On the road to Prachin Buri, 14 km from the park Headquarters, a narrow asphalt road passes Khao Yai’s spirit house and winds up onto the summit. Here, a short walk through the tropical forest leads to the viewpoint. The sunrise over Rom Mountain is particularly beautiful.


Farm Chokchai

This Agro tour place is just 159 kilometers from Bangkok, where you can get a feel of farm life in the largest standard dairy cattle farm Bangkok, where you can get a feel of farm life in the largest standard dairy cattle farm through seeing the real farm life and having hands on experience with the help of tour guides. Get the real feel of the farm life and have fun seeing and learning through experiences such milking cow, making fresh milk ice cream, seeing cowboy live shows, dogs rounding up sheep, dogs showing their skills, feeding animals and many other things. These are not just for show but a part of the real life of farm Chokchai. The tours are arranged in groups, at fixed schedules. Advance reservation is recommended.

Farm Chokchai

159-160 Moo2, Nong Nam Daeng Sub-district,
Pak Chong district, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130
Tel.+66 (0) 4432 8485 ext 116, (0) 4432 8386


Scenical World

The Greenery Life Park at The Greenery Resort, Khao Yai is perfect for families and friends. There is something for everyone. Release your energy in adventurous activities – both in water and on land. Life Park, the ultimate fun experience and Thailand’s largest, newest and adventurous park includes Kids Adventure, Family Fun for All, Amazing Thrills, Ultimate Team Challenges, and Fear Factor. You can enjoy infrared gun shooting and ATV riding; and adults will enjoy a round or two of bowling and hovercrafts, to name just a few. All equipment is imported, such as from Finland, Italy, New Zealand, UK, and USA, for the best quality and ultimate fun experience.

The Greenerry Life Park

The Greenerry Life Resort,
Khao Yai 188/1 Moo 4,
Thanarat Road, Pak Choing District,
Nakhon Ratchasima 30130
Tel. +66 (0) 4429 7668


Jim Thompson farm

The tourist center and storefront provides information about the Jim Thompson brand and aims to promote tourism in Nakhon Ratchasima province, as well as to enhance the image of Pak Thong Chai as Thailand’s renowned district for production of high quality silk fabrics. The store is a modernized version of the traditional Thai house, with high sloping ceilings, wood floors and large doors and windows that completely open up the side walls for plenty of ventilation. At this location, visitors can buy an assortment of selected merchandise and hand-woven textiles from the Jim Thompson factory. These include handbags, scarves, pillows, rugs wallets and beanie stuffed animals. Also of interest to the sightseeing visitor to Pak Thong Chai are the display board of educational materials giving a brief history of the company, the man behind the brand, and the nearby Jim Thompson Farm. Tours of the organic farm can be arranged here when in season (They are only offered for about 20 days of the year), so it is important to check ahead of time

Jim Thompson farm

799/1 Moo 11, Sueb siri Road, Pak Thong
Chai District, Nakhon Ratchasima
Tel. + 66(0) 4444 1558 ext. 3123
(0) 4437 3116, (0) 8 5660 7336


PB Valley Khao Yai Winer

This colorful winery and vineyard features a restaurant, resort, and several interesting attractions. PB Valley is ideal for viticulture due to the cold weather, small amount of rainfall and the mountain ranges, which surround the winery acting as a natural windbreaker to protect the grapevines. Their history began back in 1989 on a large compound in a scenic valley in the Khao Yai region. The owner, Dr. Piya Bhirombhakdi who once was the president of Singha Beer and a visionary entrepreneur, set about his mission to produce wine with a world-class taste under his initial “PB’ for the people of Thailand. PB Wineries set up in Thailand. They offer a vineyard and winery tour with guides that explain the history, details and of course thery have wine tasting in the cellar. At the Great hornbill Grill Restaurant they proudly present you with over 10 menus of authentic and fusion style international cuisine together with famous exotic Thai dishes. PB Valley also offers resort style accommodation and breakfast.

Vineyards and Wine Tasting

Every day, guided visits are organized on the compound. They start at 10:30AM and at 01.30 and 03.30 PM, and include a wine-tasting session. Harvest and grape growing demonstrations are held for groups of minimum 4 persons throughout the year, though bad weather conditions may have them cancelled on certain days. If a party is larger than 20 people it will be divided in smaller groups. The meeting point is the Great Hornbill Grill (Restaurant) from where the educational tour starts.

Vineyards are visited and fruit, are also included in the tour. After the orchards, a visit is paid to the different sections of the wine-making factory. During the first part, a professional guide explains how wine is made and how qualities are distinguished, as well as the different characteristics of quality wine. Lectures are given on the grape varieties (Shiraz, Tempranillo and Chenin Blanc, of French, Spanish and German origin) and the methods of grape growing in the Khao Yai valley. The difference between the making of red wine and white wine is clarified. Necessary conditions of soil (Clay, sand, limestone) and climate (moisture, sunshine, wind) conditions are described, as is the delicate process of wine tasting, texture and body distinction.

In the second part, the philosophy and know-how of wine making are made clear, with appropriate explanations for every phase of the production. Visitors learn about manual and mechanical harvesting, the sorting of the grapes, the pressing and the fermentation in stainless steel containers or genuine oak barrels, which are imported from France and can hold 225 liters each. The different types of French and American oak wood and their influence on wine flavors are defined. One also learns about new techniques to make wine potentially aged while being early consumable. A total of 200.000 liters of wine are stocked up to mature here every year. The different wines are then bottled, corked and labeled with the help of state-of-the-art, hi-tech machines. The annual PB Winery production reaches 150,000 bottles, but there is a capacity to quadruple this number.

Activities: Wine tasting, vineyard tours fine dining
Hours: 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM

PB Valley Khao Yai Winery
102 Moo 5, Phaya Ten Sub-district,
Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30320
Tel. +66 (0) 3622 6415-6