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From merely a sleepy town and roadside fishing village to be one of the country’s most visited beach resorts, Pattaya city has grown up seeing the smorgasbord of first-rate hotels and resortsm residential buildings, restaurants, and certainly night scenes as the result of a mass-market tourism campaign. Pattaya Walking Street has become the star attraction featuring all sorts of night haunts. Don’t forget to add a nightclub and bar tour to your list of things to do since the Pattaya Walking Street has been internationally known for its nightlife.

Recommended Dining & Hangout

The Pattaya Walking Street offers a ton of fun-filled choices for unforgettable entertainment in South Pattaya. Actually, you can sporadically visit pubs, bars, discotheques, transsexual cabarets, karaoke bars, go go bars as well as street-side and exotic restaurants lined up along Pattaya Beach Road, but the Walking street in South Pattaya is the most plagued with so many good venues to choose from for eating, drinking, dancing, and socializing throughout the street. The street is closed for pedestrians only after 6 p.m. The only real question for the party person is what kind of place do you want to go tonight?

Local Attractions

The renowned Pattaya Walking Street is comparably a huge party zone to satisfy the crowds with the densest concentration of open-air beer bars, Go-Go bars, massage parlors stretching from Beach Road of South Pattaya to the Bali-Hai Pier. There are also mini-shows on the streets every night. Aside from the famous neon-lit nocturnal arcade, the hill-top view point at Phra Tamnak Hill is a popular spot amongst tourists, especially at sunset and at night. It’s a romantic place overlooking the crescent and panoramic bay of Pattaya and the city from the highest hill, as many have said that viewing Pattaya during the evening is more popular than during the day time.

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