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Some might say it’s a little complicated, taking mass transit trains then buses, then boats and finally bikes to reach Bang Nam Phueng, but as remarkable as it might seem, you never really leave the confines of Bangkok. Bang Nam Phueng is found in what is referred to as Bangkok’s “Green Lung” , a twist in the meandering Chao Phraya that has been pretty much left alone while all around the city grows up and out. As the district is a protected agricultural zone, the market has always been a place of locals to sell their produce and trade wares along the waterfront. Now, a few boats have been added selling different things to eat as tourists begin to visit.

After walking through the market and picking up a few delicacies and tidbits, you can take a seat in the cool shade of a long house with a thatched rood and watch the river flow by, it can be a lot more relaxing than enjoying a street-food meal as the traffic speeds by.

Recommended Shopping

In addition to local produce, you find lots of dishes prepared for immediate consumption there are preserved, salted and pickled meats, fruit and vegetables to take with you to garnish your dishes back home. The products are also packaged in banana leaves and coconut husks to keep things natural.

Recommended Food

The communities are famous for their bananas, breadfruit and Fak Kao, a spiky orange fruit that is actually a member of the squash family. Close to the sea, you can be sure to find fresh grilled seafood and, of course, delicious rice and noodle dishes.

Local Attractions

It’s fun to ride a bike through the local communities and take a look at traditional homes and eco-friendly sustainable agricultural practices. The Mon-style temples are also interesting and then there’s the Sri Nakhon Khuen Khan Park as well as what locals still feel is a haunted building by a mysterious lake.

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