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With its great weather, fine food and world-renowned beaches, Ko Samui has continued to enter the sights of savvy and discerning travelers looking for beginning a long stay with a memorable experience. The Fisherman’s Village in the Bophut area is the ideal place for those wanting something different than the commonly ordinary night life in other areas. Bouphut and the fisherman’s Village is the home to a myriad selection of stylish and sophisticated bars, pubs, well-designed restaurant and boutiques. Particularly, if you are seeking for a nocturnal zone that is not too crowded or busy and noisy, this is our tip-off that the Fisherman’s Village is the place to be, particular on Friday evening, when it turn into very popular walking street.

Recommended Shopping

The Fisherman’s Village is reputed as the most elegant and well-preserved place on the island. It’s lined with old wooden Chinese shop-houses with a distinct Mediterranean feel. Every Friday evening, it comes alive with an array of street stalls selling a host of products from handicrafted souvenirs to accessories of all sorts, electrical goods, ceramic, jewelry, bags, T-shirts, and hand-carved soaps, attractive boutique aimed mostly mostly at female shoppers, traditional Thai timber ornaments, etc. You can stop for a rest at any of the stalls selling cocktails along the war or stop for a coffee or a beer break. Asian inspired lounge-type teahouses done with a colonial feel for tasty light meals are also available

Recommended Food

There are more than 40 restaurants under a huge replica warehouse complex. There are plenty of international dining options, ranking from Japanese, to Italian, Korean, American, Thai, Seafood, Chinese, etc. Upscale dining selection can be found in the Waterfront District, with smart Italian, Thai and seafood restaurants. The Town Square district highlights bars and an outdoor space while some independent cafes are ubiquitously dotted

Local Attractions

The Fisherman’s Village is the star attraction itself. It is the most desirable and admirable location to stay on Ko Samui; its charm and characteristics of each colonial-style and wooden Chinese shop house plays as the magnet to attract international visitors to witness the well preserved and the authenticity of the local identity and heritage, helping to create a core ingredient that the Fisherman’s Village and Bophut Beach is ever the great destination to enjoy a moment of life beside a whit soft sandy beach and turquoise blue water. Don’t miss seeing the extravagant local street performance on Friday night like musical bands, bartenders juggle bottle, dance, and flame show,for example

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